• 11_11_2014: PCMS035 is ready for release December 12th. In the meantime, check out all the 2014 releases in this Spotify [playlist].
  • 10_13_2014: Asymmetric aka Limit has a released an LP through Omni Music. And the choppage is available on [Spotify].
  • 09_22_2014: The next Artist Mix is available now. Check out the PCMS discography of [Takeshi Nakamura].
  • 07_22_2014: Leading up to Fada - Cut by 20 on August 12th, we have a mix of all his tunes on Pinecone Moonshine. [Artist Mix 01 - Fada]

What is Drum Funk?

Drum Funk (more often seen as "Drumfunk") is the name given to a certain style of Drum and Bass that focuses on intricate drum work. In the mid to late 90s, Drum and Bass evolved in way that understated percussion and unique drum kits. Some producers, notably Paradox, went the other direction putting nearly full emphasis on complex drum programming and/or trying to achieve natural or live sounding drums. Like all Drum and Bass, the bpm is tightly restricted between 150 and 180 and features prominent sub bass. Compared to popular dancefloor styles, Drumfunk is actually more related to the Drum and Bass (or Jungle sound) of the early 90s.

Drum Funk (or Drumfunk) has also been described as Choppage or Edits after the sometimes drilling, hectic, and fast rate at which the main rhythm might be altered or varied.

Most Drum Funk producers and labels release a variety of styles so the term has grown to have quite broad scope. At sometime or another most people involved with Drum Funk have been active members of Subvert Central.

Drum Funk as it pertains to Pinecone Moonshine has less to do with drum tracks featuring minimal atmosphere and more to do with covering a range of creative electronic music.

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