• 03_15_2015: Fushara's new label Lone Foundation has launched. Check out the first release [A Wasteland of Memories] on cd and in digital.
  • 02_27_2015: Check out an interview with Greenleaf for[Special Request Dnb].
  • 02_21_2015: There is an amazing campaign right now to raise money for the Winstons in thanks for the impact of the Amen breakbeat. Donate at [Go Fund Me].

What is Drumfunk?

Drumfunk is a style of Drum and Bass that emphasizes percussion and drumming or drawing influence from jazz arrangements. Often approached by sequencing drum samples in a natural sounding way and/or intricate edits (variations of the main beat or switching between drum kits and effects).

Drumfunk can also refer uniquely to the producer Paradox who championed the sound in the early 2000s and is considered the originator of the name. It has also been called Choppage and Beard Step and is often closely linked to Drum and Bass artists who focus on breaks like the Amen, Soul Pride, Think, and other samples used heavily in Jungle.

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