• 03_04_2014: Digital formats now available for Macc - Compulsion / Stabbed in the Back. On [Bandcamp].
  • 01_19_2014: The next records on Pinecone Moonshine will be available this week.
  • 01_04_2014: Happy New Year! How about starting out the year with some electronic, live instrumental hybrids courtesy of Badun on [not applicable].
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Custom Mixes

Nic TVG :: Sub

Five years ago, I started Pinecone Moonshine with the plan to release concept tracks every couple of months. Life changes and so forth, but I have found myself back at my original plan.

These two tracks were part of an gallery exhibit idea where the pieces were to be fragmented with excerpts of modern media. The full WAV package includes a pdf of additional sketches.

No Truth In Tuning courtesy of Scientific Wax.

Kindly Garden Snakes courtesy of Syncopathic Recordings.

  • No Truth In Tuning (Mixed Media Version)
    Nic TVG
  • Kindly Garden Snakes (Mixed Media Version)
    Sub, Nic TVG
  • All rights reserved. Tracks mastered by [Macc].