• 07_01_2016: The next two releases are almost ready and should be out by the end of the month.
  • 12_15_2015: The latest two vinyl records on Pinecone Moonshine are up on Bandcamp: [PCMSV014 and PCMSV015].
  • 11_09_2015: Opposide returns with 2xCD compilation with 20 artists: [Double Your Displeasure].
  • 10_09_2015: Just a heads up that due to the delays with manufacturing we had to push the next records out until December.

Pinecone Moonshine Vinyl

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We at Pinecone Moonshine are excited about Drum Funk, records, art, and the passionate people moving to underground sound.

We are letting you tell us how much you want to pay for any of the Pinecone Moonshine records. All we ask is that you cover the shipping costs. Pressings are limited to only 150 copies. Just include your order in the Paypal comments, email us for an invoice, or go through Bandcamp. Thanks for the support!

Our PayPal account is: pineconemoonshine@gmail.com
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Shipping Rates

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5 records: $5.09

1 record: $6.60
2 records: $8.30
3 records: $9.15
4 records: $10.85
5 records: $12.55

1 record: $15.62/ 9.75 GBP (requires extra packing)
2 records: $15.62/ 9.75
3 records: $19.20/ 11.99
4 records: $22.78/ 14.23
5 records: $26.36/ 16.46

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LXC - LFAnt / Parallel - The Small Things Matter

Eschaton - X Cygni / Ibunshi - Reach Beyond

Alphacut Records' LXC sets the intention of this series with beeps and tones reminiscent of early electronics. Deep bass and delays build the rhythm.

Parallel continues the theme adding in drawn out echoes underneath the clicks, kicks, and bass stabs. The second half introduces an amen section that quickly goes away as if it were unintended.

Eschaton's X Cygni is an oddity of glitches and Acid Techno at Drum and Bass tempo.

Reach Out is a preview of Ibunshi's forthcoming solo EP. Massively deep bass stabs, massively wide atmosphere, massively punchy drums. More to come.

Photography by Julie PoisonIv.
  • LFAnt
  • The Small Things Matter
  • X Cygni
  • Reach Beyond
  • All rights reserved. Tracks mastered by [Macc].


Journey In2 Madness - Da Sickness (Macc Remix)

Fada - Decay / Ricky Force - Hardcore

Macc remixes Da Sickness into a monster half tempo track that keeps evolving with horn swells and squelching bass notes.

Decay is anxious. Fada mixes the best Drum and Bass elements: overly large subs, drum change ups, and sparse everything else.

Ricky Force's Hardcore is a rush of drums from the start. Synths and piano lead into delayed bass notes progressing to droning ambient and horns and then building back up again.

Photography by Julie PoisonIv.
  • Journey In2 Madness - Da Sickness
    Macc Remix
  • Decay
  • Hardcore
    Ricky Force
  • All rights reserved. Tracks mastered by [Macc].


dgoHn & Nic TVG - They Mostly Said Nice Things

dgoHn - Pal / dgoHn - Summit (Takeshi Nakamura's Leadless Mix)

Dissonant notes form a mellow harmony blurring field records of dialog and a detuned piano before dgoHn and Nic TVG trade off on drum edits and layers.

Pal opens right away with big band drums and keeps the tempo going with an equally percussive bass line. The harmony is part introspective and a bit distant.

Takeshi Nakamura's remix of Summit breaks the original down exploring individual components and adding sparse percussion and repetition to connect the pieces.

Artwork by Nic TVG and Julie PoisonIv.
  • They Mostly Said Nice Things
    dgoHn, Nic TVG
  • Pal
  • dgoHn - Summit
    Takeshi Nakamura Leadless Mix
  • All rights reserved. Tracks mastered by [Macc].


Nic TVG - Some Persons Change (Equinox Remix)

Some Persons Change (Sub Remix) / A Mouse Among Monsters (Takeshi Nakamura's Rhythm & Noise Mix)

Equinox finds a similar sound to the original with the Doggone break. The track plays with different arrangements of melody and harmony feeling like early atmospheric Drum and Bass which wasn't afraid to take time to build.

Sub emphasizes kick drums and bass rhythms. Additional melody is layered on the original sounds and effects with some subtle use vinyl crackle. Takeshi Nakamura's is a speedy sound collage full intensity.

Artwork by Tuesday.

  • Nic TVG - Some Persons Change
    Equinox Remix
  • Nic TVG - Some Persons Change
    Sub Remix
  • Nic TVG - A Mouse Among Monsters
    Takeshi Nakamura Rhythm & Noise
  • All rights reserved. Tracks mastered by [Macc].


ASC - A Cosmic Rip / CJ Weaver - Dragonfly (Sub Remix)

Flatliners & Mental Forces - Mount Erebus (Indidjinous Remix)

ASC puts down a heavy analog piece saturated in reverb. The percussion is almost entirely just kicks and sparse hats with occasional shuffles that are left in the background. Sub's remix of Dragonfly uses CJ Weaver's string arrangement as set up for dubby stabs, a growling bass melody. Only fragments of the beats remain.

Mellow and introspective notes build the foundation of Mount Erebus. Indidjinous's signature sound blends naturally with dub-wise vibe of the original. The version on vinyl is an extended mix.

Artwork by ONIT.

  • A Cosmic Rip
  • CJ Weaver - Dragonfly
    Sub Remix
  • Flatliners, Mental Forces - Mount Erebus
    Indidjinous Remix
  • All rights reserved. Tracks mastered by [Macc].


[Sold Out] Relapse - Do the Crab / Ibunshi - Fluctuate

Fada - Run / Martsman - Vertraut Dir

Relapse sets a fast pace using a mixture of moods ultimately leading to drum choppage, interesting change ups, and a quirky digital sound. Ibunshi provides a very sparse track of subtly changing rhythm and deep subs.

Starting with a sense of ugency, Fada's 'Run' falls into a running drum break with occasional drawn out trumpet. Quite unique is the free jazz, tribal opening of Martsman's 'Vertaut Dir' which transitions into a mid tempo, growling piece.

Artwork by Michael White.

  • Do the Crab
  • Fluctuate
  • Run
  • Vertraut Dir
  • All rights reserved. Tracks mastered by [Macc].


[Sold out] Ibunshi & Indidjinous - Swamp Funk (Equinox Remix)

Fada - Vapours / Parallel - Ancients

Equinox transforms 'Swamp Funk' into one of his grittiest Amen tracks with distorted edits from the original, booming subs that go as low as 33hz, and even 1993 era dark stabs.

Fada also looks back to the 90's on 'Vapours' focusing on a mixture of drum breaks and synthetic rhythms. (Watch for the 4 bar tempo change in the second half.) Parallel supplies the Drum Funk with a 'Cold Sweat' workout held up by deep subs and long, ethereal pads.

Artwork by Anthony Scott Waters.

  • PCMSV004 Vinyl Record
  • Ibunshi, Indidjinous - Swamp Funk
    Equinox Remix
  • Vapours
  • Ancients
  • All rights reserved. Tracks mastered by [Macc].


Jiva - Paramatma (Fanu Remix)

Jiva - Divebummer

Fanu's remix of 'Paramatma' builds from sparse rhythm to gigantic bass stabs and distorted, ringing rides. This eight minute track has details through out.

'Divebummer' is a more ambient piece with staccato beats, tranquil voices, and deep subs.

Artwork by Anthony Scott Waters.

  • Jiva - Paramatma
    Fanu Remix
  • Divebummer


Sub - So Finster Die Nacht (Fracture's Astrophonica Remix)

Fushara - Reaching Out / Takeshi Nakamura - 4

Fracture takes the sparse clicks, bass tones, and introspective Rhodes harmony of Sub's original and gives it the Astrophonica touch with high-energy bass lines and steppy beats.

Fushara mixes an IDM sound with a summery melody which matches well with Takeshi's '4' that balances a classic acid line with break beats and an odd time-signature.

Artwork by Craig Roccanova.

  • Sub - So Finster die Nacht
    Fracture Astrophonica Remix
  • Reaching Out
  • 4
    Takeshi Nakamura